R -Relating , linking the concept to be learned with something
the student alreadyknows
E- Experiencing ,hands on activities and teacher's explanation
allow students discover new knowledge
A-Applying, students apply their knowledge to real world
C- Cooperating,students solve problems as a team to reinforce
knowledge and develope Collaborative skills
T-Transferring, student take what they have learned and
apply it to new situations contexts

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Benchmarking SMT Wakaf Tembusu ke SMTTJ

Lawatan Benchmarking Wakaf Tembusu

Sesi lawatan benchmarking wakaf tembusu akan di sambut oleh PK1 dan Pn Azizah.
Bahan untuk persembahan akan disediakan oleh Pn Azizah.

Lawatan ke makmal dan kelas atau lokasi tertentu hendaklah di kenalpasti.
Semua diminta memberi kerjasama.

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